Cheap craft magnets

A magnet is basically a piece of material which produces magnetic field. The magnets come in different types. The different types of magnets contain different resistance to varying degrees of magnetic strength, permanence, resistance to heat, tolerance of corrosion etc.

Types of Magnets

Generally there are two types of magnets, permanent magnets and non-permanent magnets. In non-permanents, an external source of power is important in order to trigger them to be active.

Functional, Highly visible and Durable

The craft magnets and self adhesive magnets are functional, durable and highly visible. The magnets can be applied easily on the surface of fridge. When a promotional magnet is used on the fridge, it is highly visible to all that visit the fridge, and makes an instant impact on the fridge users.

The cheap craft magnets and self-adhesive magnets are one of the lowest priced handouts which you can consider for immensity promotions like tradeshows and mailer campaigns. The use of magnets is way cheaper than most of the other conventional advertising techniques like print and electronic media advertisements.

The magnets will never fail to capture the attention of your target customers as these contain an idiosyncratic charm. Try to personalize the magnets with some interesting artwork, quotes and taglines.